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Real Estate Team

Our Promise

A partnership that was formed in 2000, BVO was founded with one goal in mind – help our clients achieve their real estate dreams. Whether our client is a buyer or seller, a developer, or one of the many agents that work with us every day, BVO is dedicated to YOUR real estate success!

The Future of Real Estate

As technology advances so does the way buyers and sellers transact their real estate assets. BVO is on the forefront of conversations with the #1 Real Estate Technology Company to be in the advance of this ever changing industry; allowing BVO to bring new, innovative, and successful solutions to those we serve.

235+ Years of Selling Experience

When navigating a competitive, winner’s market it is imperative to have the right team deployed to maximize value. BVO enlists a team of professionals whose compounding experience proves for successful transactions for our clients’ real estate assets.

Austin Bloom

(480) 508 0716
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Ryan Neter

(510) 894 8525
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Steve Pintar

(831) 236 6648
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