Facts about the Mayo Clinic you might not know!

Facts about the Mayo Clinic you might not know!


The Mayo Clinic started developing in 1819 when William Worrall Mayo was born near Manchester. He immigrated to America in 1946 and started a hospital for wounded survivors of a tornado in Rochester, MN in 1889. Over the next 30 years, it became one of the most respected medical institutions in the world. Mayo Clinic was established as a non-profit in 1919 by the Mayo brothers and their wives, developed to focus on cutting-edge medical research, and they have stayed that way ever since. With that said, here are some facts about the Mayo Clinic you might not know!

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Heart Surgery

The clinic performed the world’s first open-heart surgery using a heart-lung bypass in the 1950s. A heart-lung bypass machine is a technical marvel that bypasses both the heart and lungs. It circulates blood and oxygenates it to send to the cells so the patient isn’t harmed, and while the Mayo Clinic isn’t necessarily responsible for the technology, it did pioneer its first official use in surgery.

Rochester Methodist

As the Mayo Clinic in Rochester continued to grow, they had to adjust to their surroundings, including competing hospitals like Saint Marys and Rochester Methodist. Rochester Methodist was founded in 1954 by a group of Methodist volunteers, and they achieved some great things, such as the first FDA-approved hip replacement in 1969, and pioneering unit dose-measuring of drugs. In 1986, RMH and Saint Marys joined the Mayo Clinic to form a “trusteeship for health” in Rochester. In 2014, they all united, creating the Methodist campus and Saint Marys’s campus of the Mayo Clinic Rochester.

Edith Mayo

In 1940, Edith Mayo gave a radio address on Mother’s Day speaking about the newly unfolding WW2 in Europe. She was a 73-year-old widow at the time, and she was introduced by FDR’s mother Sara to speak about humanitarianism and what was going on in the world. Having survived the Great Depression along with the Mayo Clinic, Edith spoke softly about what was going on and embodied patriotic humanitarianism in a tough time for the world.


In the 30s, the Mayo Brothers loved spending winters in Arizona, and that love came full circle with the opening of the Scottsdale campus in 1987 and the Phoenix campus in 1998. They also opened a location in Jacksonville, Florida in 1986 due to a donation of 400 acres. They opened their first international hospital in November 2019 in Abu Dhabi as a joint venture, establishing world-class healthcare as a reason to travel to the UAE.

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The Mayo Clinic is one of the best medical organizations in the world with a nearly impossibly high standard for facilities and care. Through their continued expansion, they continue to reach new lives and legacies with the power of modern medicine, and we’re blessed to have access to two campuses right here in the valley. Find out more about the clinic here!

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