Lost Dog Trail: Best Hiking Spot In Scottsdale

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To get to the Lost Dog Wash Trail you’ll want to go to the north end of 124th Street. The exact address for the trailhead is 12601 N. 124th Street Scottsdale, AZ 85259. This is easily accessible from the parking spots which are located at the start of the trail.

Information About Lost Dog Wash Trail:

Before going out on this hike, make sure to bring lots of water because the trail is 4.2 miles and in the desert heat it can make you dehydrated. In Scottsdale, Arizona this hiking trail is well known because it has beautiful views and can be somewhat challenging. We recommend that you wear hiking boots because the trail is rocky and makes for a semi-difficult terrain.

The landscape is rocky as you head out into the desert. Once you begin, you’ll notice a small botanical garden that provides excellent photo opportunities. Once you continue walking down the trail you’ll notice cactus surrounding you with unparalleled views of the mountain range.

Lost Dog Wash Trail

My Review of the Lost Dog Wash Trail:

Overall, this hike was perfect for anyone who was looking for a semi-easy trail; although, there were some parts that got to be rocky. I highly recommend that anyone interested in this hike wears hiking boots and brings a bottle of water. There is parking at the entrance and tons of places for beautiful, outdoor Arizona photos.

The hike is perfect for a Sunday afternoon, or if you’re simply trying to go explore Scottsdale. There are various trails you can take which connect to this hike. One of my personal favorites is Sunrise Peak.

For more information about the Lost Dog Wash Trail check out the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy that takes care of the McDowell Sonoran Preserve.

Arizona Hiking Trail

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We hope you enjoy your hike! – BVO Team

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