Different Pointe of View might be the best restaurant in Phoenix.

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About Different Pointe of View

Different Pointe of View is one of the on-site restaurants at the Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs resort in Phoenix, Arizona. Featuring floor to ceiling windows and a setting on top of North Mountain, you’ll quickly come to understand how it got its name. DPOV is the longest consecutively awarded AAA Four-Diamond restaurant in the valley, and we were fortunate enough to score an exclusive interview with Chef Anthony DeMuro. Of the 35 years DPOV has been around, Chef DeMuro has been there for over 10 of them, and the waitstaff has been around longer than that. My waiter mentioned that he had been there for 15 years, and he was the second newest waiter there. With this in mind, let’s dive into some of what makes DPOV so special.


Prix Fixe Getaway

I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least mention the special that DPOV runs with the resort. Tuesday-Thursday, there’s availability to make a whole getaway right here in Phoenix. Starting at ~$200 all in, you can have a room at the resort and a meal off a prix fixe menu. That includes a selection of starters, an entree, and a dessert for a 3 course meal for two. They’re practically giving you the room, and that’s something to consider if you want to turn a date night into a staycation! Check it out here.

Chef DeMuro

For our full interview with Chef Anthony DeMuro, click here. Chef DeMuro has been cooking almost his whole life, and it all started when he got a job as a dishwasher at an Italian restaurant when he was 15. He was very proud of his performance as a dishwasher, but he was always interested by the cooks. He would always bug the cooks and ask them to show him different things and they would tell him to go back and wash dishes. Luckily for him, one day a cook didn’t show up and they had him fill in, and he’s been cooking ever since. He loves to cook barbeque, seafood, and pastas at home, and Mediterranean food at Different Pointe of View. The health aspect is important, and Mediterranean food lends itself to health.

Seared Baja California Sea Bass

When I visited the restaurant, my entree was the Sea Bass. It’s a white striped bass from the Gulf of California, sat on top of a risotto cake. This risotto cake is unlike any other risotto I’ve had. Chef DeMuro makes it first as a creamy risotto, then puts it in pans, sets it, cuts out sections, and sears it, so it’s got a crispness to it, almost like a hash brown. This is all topped and garnished with a sweet pea and hemp seed pesto, sautéed asparagus tips, a lemon carrot purée, capers, and fennel beurre blanc. Chef DeMuro mentioned that this is a fairly simple dish, and that he likes to do different pestos for different seasons.

What Makes Different Pointe Of View Special

Aside from the view, which is a given (and one of the best views in the valley), what makes Different Pointe of View special? Part of it is that the art of cooking seems to be alive and well there. Many restaurants are impersonal, cookie cutter, and rarely change their menus or have any dynamism to them. Not so at DPOV. There’s a different feature every day, and that’s not always based off of what they have extra of or what’s on special at the market. Sometimes Chef DeMuro just wants to do something different!

The point is that there’s a new dish created every day. Most of the time (when we’re not in a global pandemic), there’s a 5-course tasting menu that changes daily as well. There’s an air of professional creativity there that you could cut with a knife. DPOV provides a beautiful view, waitstaff who know what they’re doing, and a consistently fantastic meal (I’m told there’s nothing bad on the menu). Not to mention the fantastic wine collection and the fact that every plate that leaves the kitchen goes through Chef DeMuro’s hands. Overall, Different Pointe of View provides a fantastic experience that is sure to wow anyone from casual foodies to fine dining connoisseurs.

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