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A partnership that was formed in 2000, BVO was founded with one goal in mind – help our clients achieve their real estate dreams. Whether our client is a consumer, developer, or one of the many independent contractors or employees that works with us, BVO is dedicated to YOUR real estate success!

The real estate industry is moving further and further from the objective of solidifying homeownership to the masses and instead to an industry that is led by deep pockets of massive funds that buy, sell and develop huge portfolios amongst themselves. BVO saw this as an opportunity to get in front of the end user, educate them about the many avenues they have to buy and sell their real estate investment, and strive for a level of fiduciary responsibility that is overlooked when sharks hunt. 

Whether it is protecting the homeowner or the real estate professionals that conduct business with us, BVO has positioned itself to have a seat at the table with the movers and shakers of the real estate industry ensuring that our clients’ interests are protected for the long haul.


We’re a dynamic real estate team that specializes in luxury homes across the Phoenix area. We have 20+ dedicated agents on our team ready to assist you. Get top dollar for your house or purchase an incredible property.

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